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Stefano Duro is a industry leading Coach & Adviser, who has a goal to innovate how we manage our money

About Us

Stefano is young entrepreneur & financial coach as co-founder of Pure Private Wealth & Pure Coaches.
Stefano is happy to talk about the financial industry, where the financial world is heading, and a variety of personal finance and small business tips and guidance. Stefano is happy presenting to live audiences, including TV, radio, and podcasts.

Some topics include:

• How to achieve goals
• How to create a wealth plan
• Cash flow & banking structures
• Where is the industry heading
• How to innovate your relationship with your clients
• Conscious investing
• What is goals based advice
• Prioritising financial goals
• Getting out of debt
• money issues
• How to use your money to make money
• How to make your advice practice transition into a digital world
• Investing for the future
• Superannuation
• Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
Small business topics:
• Starting a business
• How to scale a business
• Attracting your ideal customer
• Customer engagement & satisfaction
• Managing your team and workplace culture

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